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The distinction between video and computer games is blurring

April 07th, 2008 | Category: PC Games

Newcomers to interactive entertainment inevitably want to know how video games differ from computer games.
Industry pro Seamus Blackley offers a musical analogy: ”Think of console games as rock videos and PC games as symphonies.
”If you look at the kind of games that are successful on consoles, it’s an incredibly high-speed, adrenaline-rush experience, like Ridge Racer or Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Read more

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Despite Console Market Share, All Is Not Lost For PC Gaming

April 01st, 2008 | Category: PC Games

Avisit to the local computer game store has been a disturbing experience of late. Never mind the predictable brutality and gore of the games. Here’s the really creepy part: Fewer and fewer of the latest titles will run on a PC.

The explosive success of Sony’s Playstation 2 gaming platform, and the less spectacular but sizable demand for Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube, has recast the computer gaming market. PC users find themselves feeling a little bit like owners of Apple Macintosh computers. For years, many popular games were issued exclusively for the PC, with the few exceptions appearing in Mac versions long after PC owners had tired of them. Now it’s PC users who sit with twitching fingers, waiting for PC versions of hot titles like the renowned action game Halo, presently available only on the Xbox. Read more

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