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Android Music App Gives Clues to Android 3.0 OS

December 28th, 2010 | Category: Software,Technology

Leaked information on the new Android Music app posted on the Engadget blog earlier this week might give users and developers clues about what the Android 3.0 operating system will look like. Android programmers can likely expect a revamped user interface with Android 3.0, including the possibility that Google is getting rid of its hardware buttons entirely and transitioning to full menu functionality through touch-screens within its apps.

According to Fortune, the new Android Music app that was leaked to Engadget is a good way to organize music files within a cloud setting. However, Android developers should note that the app appears to have significant limitations when it comes to streaming music to a device. It’s a potential problem which could hamper development of next-generation content streaming on Android devices.

The speculation is that the Android Music app will ship with the Android 3.0 operating system known as “Honeycomb” that is being touted by Motorola for their upcoming tablet computing device.

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