Nov 20

How UbiFi Stacks Up to Satellite Internet

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Unlimited 4G rural Internet company UbiFi has positioned itself to be the ideal rural Internet service provider to countless residents of rural America who have been living without high-speed Internet access for too long. While satellite Internet maintains its popularity because of its wide reach all across the country including highly remote areas, it has noticeable problems that a 4G Internet provider like UbiFi can easily solve.

First, as a 4G LTE service provider, UbiFi is capable of higher speeds than many satellite Internet providers. While speeds may fluctuate due to network conditions, UbiFi’s speeds have the potential to exceed the fastest satellite Internet providers’ usual download speeds of around 15 Mbps. Furthermore, UbiFi can provide service with much lower levels of latency than satellite Internet service providers. Satellite Internet signals have to travel a great distance from outer space to households in rural America, which results in a longer delay in data transmission. This makes UbiFi a good alternative Internet service that is ideal for online gaming, video chatting, and other activities that require low latency.

Secondly, UbiFi can be a good alternative to many satellite Internet services that enforce data caps and charge expensive overage fees. UbiFi’s unlimited Internet service allows users to use data with no fear of emptying their wallets if they use the Internet for too long. This may be a better deal for potential customers who enjoy watching streaming services or regularly using the Internet for entertainment. With all of these things in mind, rural residents may choose UbiFi over even the best satellite Internet service providers, since it may be a better fit for their Internet needs.

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