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Checklist for an Audio Visual Presentation

June 03rd, 2016 | Category: Telecommunication,Uncategorized

Putting together an audio visual presentation can be daunting. Technological malfunctions are the most common issue. Completely preparing for every scenario is impossible, but being completely prepared for what should happen will be beneficial.


Before the Presentation

Have pre-recordings of demos. With a pre-recorded version of the entire presentation on a computer rental from Santa Ana, you have a failsafe if there are problems with any of the venue’s tech.

Bring backups of the tech. Many a presenter has found themselves interminably stalled for minor issues. Even if your hardware is to be provided, have your own. Have a laptop rental from Anaheim with duplicates of all the digital media from your laptop ready. Have the presentation on backup drives and in the cloud. Have a projector, cables, clicker, portable speakers.

Know who the A/V person is well beforehand. Speak with them and get an idea of what they plan to do to support your presentation. Treat them well and they’re likely to put extra effort into your needs.

At the Presentation

Get there early, set up and test the equipment to make sure everything’s a go. Establish the best places to stand and where your notes will be.

Run through the entire presentation. Get comfortable with the surroundings. The lights will likely be dimmed so make sure you can see everything you need to.

Double check all your media. You want to be sure your laptop rental Los Angeles won’t have a problem with any of your files.
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Landlines vs. International Prepaid Cell Phones

August 19th, 2011 | Category: Telecommunication

Do you often travel internationally? Is business travel to another country in your regular routine? Then you should consider purchasing a prepaid international sim card. When traveling to other countries, only a handful of options exist for placing phone calls back to the states. Cell phones do not generally work overseas, since most carriers have towers only locally in the United States. As soon as you leave the country, your service will drop and you will be unable to call family and friends.

Landline-based phone systems allow you to place calls to domestic contacts, and the quality is typically very high compared to other alternatives. However, this quality comes at a price, and they are typically very expensive. Not only are you charged for placing an overseas phone call, the person receiving your call must also pick up the hefty bill as a result. This can be seen as discourteous and should be avoided. International prepaid sim cards configured to work overseas can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to making domestic calls. They tend to be less expensive than standard landlines, and give you the option of using a portable phone.

A more recent alternative to landlines is voice over internet protocol (VOIP). This technological standard has given rise to the existence of VOIP services, which give consumers the ability to speak for a flat rate over the internet. While this service is significantly less expensive than both landlines and international prepaid cell phones, the quality is lacking in comparison. In many ways, cell phones with prepaid sim cards offer the best benefits and have the fewest drawbacks when it comes to enabling you to place important calls overseas.

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Reduce Roaming Phone Usage With International SIM Cards

July 25th, 2011 | Category: Telecommunication

One definite way to reducing phone bills when roaming is to use international sim cards. This SIM card will work in almost any country and in almost any phone, provided both support GSM transmission. This will save you a ton of money. In most business travel expenses are allocated so any money saved is yours to spend. The savings can either be channeled to keeping in touch with your family or spent on other expenses during travel.

In order to use a SIM card such as this, it will be better to use a world phone. World phones operate on all the current frequencies of the gsm standard. Most phones by default are either dual band or tri-band (the old world phone standard). Now quad band is what you will need to travel and have service in all other countries with their own GSM networks.

An alternative to getting your own international SIM or a world phone (or both), is to purchase a prepaid international cell phone. These phones are compatible across a range of countries and come with prepaid credit. This has many advantages. Firstly, it is prepaid, this prevents excessive usage since you can no longer make any calls once the credit is over. Secondly, in cases where the phone is stolen or lost, the damage can be limited.

In short, when roaming consider one of the above options, It will save you time, hassle and most importantly of all: money.

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The Advantages of Using a Global SIM Card

June 12th, 2011 | Category: Telecommunication

One of the biggest problem that people who travel abroad frequently face is not being able to ‘cash in’ on their frequent flyer miles but it could something as simple as having to foot large bills when it comes to the cell phone service that they use.
att sim card

In an economy where money saved is money earned, these bills can be annoying if you think that something needs to be done. This is where the benefits of a global SIM card can really come in handy.

How this type of service is different is that the packages offered are tailored to suit the needs of each traveler every time they wish to visit a certain country or a few of them. Yes, if you do travel to different countries every time you leave the United States, you can change your package accordingly using an international service that is committed to saving you at least 90 percent of your bills.

It only makes sense that you use your local service when you are at home (since they offer the best benefits) while using an international mobile phone package when leaving the country as this service is designed to offer you the best when you travel.

Not only do you get to save money (which means more money for talk time and sending SMS’) but you get won’t have to worry about being disconnected from your friends and family regardless of which country you are in as these international services are available in almost 300 countries around the world.

If you aren’t sure whether or not to proceed with these plans, an excellent way to find out whether the service meets up to your standards is by reading numerous international SIM cards reviews and recommendations that you can find over the internet.

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The Importance of Finding The Right International Cell Phone Service

April 12th, 2011 | Category: Telecommunication

Traveling around the world for work can be a lovely thing unless you cannot keep in touch with your loved ones while you are on the road. If there is anything that is annoying, it is an inadequate international cell phone service that keeps cutting off when you least expect it to.

In most cases, this would mean using the services provided by your local telecommunications network but since they specialize only in local services, it would be a good idea to switch to a network that specializes in global communications.

You have a wide variety of option to choose from, whether you are looking for postpaid or prepaid international phones apart from the international SIM cards that are also provided with these phones.

If you still need more information about these services, one place to look will be over the Internet where you can not only find the prices for receiving and making calls from the countries that you will visit but also the rave reviews that other travelers like yourself have experienced in using these phones.

And if you do choose to purchase an international SIM card from these companies, you can be sure that staying connected while racking up large bills would not be a concern anymore for in doing so, you will be able to have seamless connectivity in almost 230 plus countries.

All in all, in finding these deals, you should be able to enjoy your trip while also being ready for any emergencies that might occur when you are away from home.

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