Oct 17

A new Microsoft in the making

Category: Technology

Microsoft has dominated the technology market in the month of October 2012 with lots of news.  During the month its new Windows 8 for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones is scheduled to be released; it will introduce its newest weapon in the tablet market with its Surface tablet; it will introduce a music and movie service; new slick software for its Xbox; and it will upgrade the Skype.

Its new Windows 8 operating system is the key element of all new products and applications.  It operates on touchscreens and uses tiles to navigate applications.  It gets rid of the rigid form of old Microsoft and creates user friendly navigation giving user a feel for cutting edge technology.  It shares your information among all your devices including your desktop PC, tablet, laptop and smartphone.  If you buy a song online, it will be available on all your devices and let you use the same sign in for all devices.

The introduction of the Surface pit Microsoft against Apple and others.  It also no longer depends on its allies like HP, Dell, Intel, Nokia, and Acer to come up with devices to run its programs.  This puts Microsoft in an awkward position with its long time partners.

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