Sep 13

Apple slowly improving iOS with iOS 7

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The world’s most valuable technology company, Apple announced two new smartphones in early September 2013. These new products not only highlight its combative nature with low cost phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei but also capabilities of its new iOS 7 operating system. The iOS originally debuted in 2007 with its iPhone.

The iOS 7 is the seventh version of Apple’s mobile operating system and Apple is incrementally improving its iOS 7 operating system since it was introduced on June 10, 2013. Code named Innsbruck, iOS 7 is the next generation software for iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and iPod. It reflects a big deviation from its predecessors and focuses on clarity by removing clutter, improve user interface leaving only the most essential. New features of iOS 7 include control center, notification center, multitasking (opens multi apps simultaneously), camera, photos, AirDrop (Wi-Fi sharing feature for iPhone), Safari, Siri (comes with more content from Wikipedia and Bing), iTunes Radio, and iOS in the car. New capabilities to surf the App Store with age based search may become a hit feature with parents. Most of all iOS 7 is free and you can update your mobile gadgets by yourself.

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