Jan 8

Avoid Used or Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

Category: Electronic

New circuit breakers are expensive, which is why many people search the market for used or reconditioned circuit breakers that will help save thousands of dollars on the ticket price. Unfortunately, these same people don’t realize that used and reconditioned circuit breakers – whether Cutler Hammer breakers or FPE circuit breakers – are un-tested models.

Un-tested circuit breakers can cause serious problems including fire, equipment damage and even death. While many surplus dealers offer used and reconditioned circuit breakers, it is important to stay away from these models and instead search for refurbished circuit breakers. Refurbished circuit breakers available on many sites, have been tested using cutting-edge digital testing equipment. Make sure you trust All Breakers Inc., when it comes to purchasing reliable circuit breakers whether you need Cutler Hammer or FPE circuit breakers.

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