Jun 3

Checklist for an Audio Visual Presentation

Putting together an audio visual presentation can be daunting. Technological malfunctions are the most common issue. Completely preparing for every scenario is impossible, but being completely prepared for what should happen will be beneficial.


Before the Presentation

Have pre-recordings of demos. With a pre-recorded version of the entire presentation on a computer rental from Santa Ana, you have a failsafe if there are problems with any of the venue’s tech.

Bring backups of the tech. Many a presenter has found themselves interminably stalled for minor issues. Even if your hardware is to be provided, have your own. Have a laptop rental from Anaheim with duplicates of all the digital media from your laptop ready. Have the presentation on backup drives and in the cloud. Have a projector, cables, clicker, portable speakers.

Know who the A/V person is well beforehand. Speak with them and get an idea of what they plan to do to support your presentation. Treat them well and they’re likely to put extra effort into your needs.

At the Presentation

Get there early, set up and test the equipment to make sure everything’s a go. Establish the best places to stand and where your notes will be.

Run through the entire presentation. Get comfortable with the surroundings. The lights will likely be dimmed so make sure you can see everything you need to.

Double check all your media. You want to be sure your laptop rental Los Angeles won’t have a problem with any of your files.
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