Oct 11

Contextual Advertising: What Makes Online Advertising Work

By Ted Dhanik

A company is ready to go forward. The products are finished, the services have been created. And the elements of marketing have been built or rendered, and are ready to be embedded. And yet, how does a company get its marketing to the customers they desire or cater to?

Contextual advertising is a crucial step in any online marketing campaign. No matter how many elements, banners, and streaming videos are prepared, without having the ability to get them in front of the eyes of potential customers, they cannot perform the function that both time and money was used to create. A contextual advertising system solves that problem.

Basically, this system scans the texts of various websites for particular words or phrases. In doing so, it can then find relatable sites that can feature a company’s goods or services to those who may be seeking said products. Take for example a website that caters to antique hunters, which also shows hotspots and areas that posses a great deal of these type of treasures. This probably wouldn’t be the ideal place for a sports company to advertise. However, it may be perfect for a company that works with antique restoration or a travel company that builds trips to these favored hot spots.

By having the service of a contextual system at a company’s disposal, it guarantees that the marketing campaign will be seen by the intended target audience. It is one of the advantages that online advertising has to offer, using digital and technological tools for a digital and technological age.

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