Dec 24

Could Pepper be the next technical genius?

Category: Technology

The largest mobile phone operator in Japan, Softbank intends to sell robots they call “Pepper” in Japan in February 2015 and in the United States within a year through Sprint which they took control recently. Created by Aldebaran, the robot is priced at around $1,900. It is already greeting and welcoming customers at Softbank stores in Japan.

Pepper is an intelligent and first of its kind humanoid robot designed to live with humans. The social robot can recognize and react to your emotions and live without any assistance. Unfortunately it will not cook or clean for you. But he can be a good companion that reacts to your voice, touch and emotions. Pepper’s great ability is its reactions to your emotions. It can recognize your burst of laughter, your frown, anger, joy, sadness and translate that into its reaction. Analyses of your facial expressions, body language and words and adopting itself to cheer you up are Pepper’s sheer strength. He can play your favorite song for you no matter what the condition you are in. More you communicate with him, more data that he will gather to react and comfort you. What a companionship it will be?

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