May 28

GPS Devices for Transportation Industry

Category: Technology

Transportation firms have come to depend on GPS tracking system solutions for quality customer service and fleet efficiency. In order to satisfy your clientele and provide quality products and services, we recommend the latest GPS tracking hardware such as the Locator 2000 Trailer. The following is an inside peak at this innovative product available through Global Tracking Communications, Inc.

Specifically engineered to monitor tractor trailers and heavy equipment, the L2000 Trailer reports tracking information from trailers (tethered or un-tethered) and heavy equipment. When set to offer 15-minute updates without outside power sources, the fleet GPS tracking system can track for 30 days. However, when updates are extended to longer periods of time, battery life may extend to several months. Managers and other users receive location reports, history logs, trail routes and other reporting options.

If you’re interested in maximizing your sales and reducing your losses, this cell phone GPS tracking system can help you achieve your goals. By monitoring your fleet resources daily, you will protect your investments and guarantee accurate pick-up and delivery times.

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