Dec 5

Hewlett-Packard introduces Moonshot, a new server and networking system

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Traditional computing giants including Hewlett-Packard (HP) are under attacked by newcomers equipped with new technologies for storage, networking and servers. Due to the enormous pressure from newcomers such as Open Computing from Facebook, traditional computing giants like HP are fighting back. Recognizing the threat from Facebook, HP is introducing a new server and networking system known as Moonshot.

Moonshot runs on extremely low-power consuming chips in a small server. HP claims that it consumes 89 percent less power to operate and takes up 94 percent less space than traditional servers. Many think that it is the company’s answer to competition from newcomers and take the company in a new direction in regard to chip efficiency for data center operations. It is also introducing new water cooling technologies for servers and it is less complex to operate. HP is relying on Project Moonshot for turnaround in computing. Three new ARM-based Moonshot cartridges will be made by Applied Micro, Texas Instrument and Calxeda next year and many others are waiting to hear from HP. The new modules open new ways to do cloud computing and social networking based on ARM-based servers. Dell is more critical of Moonshot and coming up with its own to fight back.

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