Nov 9

How Kindle transformed giant online retailer

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The, an online retail behemoth introduced its first Kindle (code named Fiona at the time) on November 19, 2007 something completely unexpected from a retailer.  It allowed readers to download books quickly without a PC for the first time.  The innovation gave access to more than 90,000 strong books available from  This helped to establish its name as a technology innovator and transformed the industry. total revenue in 2007 climbed to over $14.8 billion.  A vast number of technology companies including Sony quickly jumped on the band wagon and the market was flooded with e-readers. success in e-readers later brought Apple in to the book selling market with its iBookstore.  This resulted in Amazon fighting for its dominance in the digital book selling market.  Today it produces a Wi-Fi version of the Kindle, Kindle Fire HD, with an 8.9inch iPad like screen.  Its 16GB model sells for $299 and competes with similar tablets from Google and Apple. has made several organizational changes within the company to further push its digital agenda.  All these changes and technology advancements are helping its bottom line and the company expects to earn more than $62 billion in 2012.

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