Apr 5

How The e-Cigarette Helps Smokers to Quit

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Most smokers who struggle with the habit and wish to quit have been known to quit cold turkey to only return to the habit yet again. Let’s face it: it’s a difficult habit to break but this was the accepted paradigm until the invention of the e-cigarette.

Being totally smokeless, they have been known to simulate the experience but with a vital difference: the carcinogens present in cigarettes are not present in this patented device.

The e-cigarette looks exactly like the normal cigarette, and in doing so, does not use any tobacco but a fluid that provides the smoker with the required dosage of nicotine while eliminating almost 300 other carcinogens that are considered to be harmful to the body. And that’s a big difference from smoking normal cigarettes.

And critics aren’t yet convinced this is an excellent smoking cessation therapy the beauty is that this e-cigarette is able to give smoking addicts what they are looking for while avoiding the aforementioned harmful carcinogens that can cause great harm to your body.

Yet another advantage is the fact that, apart from normal cigarettes, these cigarettes do not smell and thus can be smoked anywhere in public thus relieving the people that you meet from second-hand smoke as well.

So if you are looking for an alternative that will work to help you quit smoking, you should find that this smoking cessation method can help you do so successfully as all you will need along with this device is the desire to quit.

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