Oct 15

Introducing Portable Air Conditioning

Category: Home Improvement

It’s time more people knew about portable air conditioning and all that it can do. For far too many, AC units are little more than machines that help keep them cool when the temperature turns against them. That’s all they’re good for and little else.

MovinCool3This is the same whether you use units that come from your wall or central air. Either way, you’re not using the portable kind, which is a real shame. With a portable a/c unit, you get the best of both worlds: the cold air you want can follow you from room to room, yet you’re not wasting money on AC that gets to parts of the house no one is in.

Of course, this isn’t all these units can do. If you suffer flood damage and need to get all of the water out of a room, having the help of AC can definitely help dry things out while suppressing the growth of fungus.

The fact that you’re able to read these words is only because of portable units. They are responsible for keeping server rooms nice and cool when those machines would otherwise overheat from all the work they do around the clock.

So the next time you get hot, think about these portable units and everything else they can do.

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