Oct 30

Latest trends in mobile technology

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Mobile technology has seen a technological advancement over the last decade from being used to make a phone call to being able to use it as your personal assistant capable of doing many tasks by following your voice commands.

The major mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Apple and Samsung are continuously striving to come up with features better than the newest feature introduced by its competitor.

The modern mobile market is shifting towards the use of Smartphones which allows users to access the internet, Wi-Fi, stream videos, access social networking sites, send mails and do so much more. In order to cater to this rapidly growing market, mobile device platform developers have developed new operating systems such as Google’s Android, iOS by Apple, Symbian V3 by Nokia and Microsoft’s Wndows 7 for mobile devices.

Apple revolutionized the mobile computing market with the introduction of the iPad. The device saw sales of over 7 million units in the first 6 months. Competitors coming in to to the market has seen the reduction in the price of smart phones.

The decrease in the price of data plans by GSM providers also increased the popularity of the smart phones with many using the smart phones as photo editors and chatting machines.

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