Aug 22

Why you should get Lojack

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The most popular alternative vehicle tracking system lo jack, doesn’t use true gps signals. Moreover, wireless connectivity is not offered by lojack. The practical result is that only specially equipped police vehicles can use lojack to find a missing vehicle.  Owners, for instance, certainly do not have the capability to use lojack to track a vehicle themselves.  Also, the number of police vehile outfitted with the lowjack technology is typically only a small fraction of the fleet. Since the range of lowjack is only about 2-3 miles, missing are stolen vehicles are undetectable unless a lojack equipped police cruiser happens to be in the vicinity.

Sine  the early nineties, the North American Trucking Industry has used promiles software for routing and mapping  years as well as for IFTA fuel tax. The promiles software is adaptable for individual drivers as well as for fleets and saves time and effort with rout planning and tax reporting and reduces fues costs, allowing large or small trucking operations to be for efficient, and thus more profitable.

The advantages of a gps tracking device are reduced costs of fuel and maintenance, quicker response times and easier management of vehicles. GPS tracking offers numerous advantages over lojack. But recovering missing or stolen vehicles is only one of the problems encountered in fleet management for which gps tracking is the solution. Redirecting vehicles to shorten travel time or respond quickly to changing demands from customers are others. Overall, gps tracking is an essential tool in fleet management.

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