Nov 28

New iPhone app to combat skin cancer

Category: Technology

 The Apple iPhone has proven itself time and again with its host of diversified applications touching on all fields that are of consumer interest. And yet, Apple will not stop in coming up with new apps to dazzle and impress their legions of loyal followers. Their most recent innovation is an app developed for Australia which aims to limit an iPhone user’s exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The app also helps combat the earliest signs of skin cancer, making the app extremely popular with the medical crowd.

Contextualizing the invention of the app is the inherent climate in Australia which is mostly sunny. Currently, Australia is one of the countries with the highest incidences of skin cancer, witnessing over 1,850 in skin cancer deaths per annum. That number is even bigger than the number of deaths in the country that were caused by car-related accidents. Cancer Council Australia goes on to say that almost two out of three people in the country will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they age 70.

Cancer Council’s Sue Heward also shares they even found an increasing number of Australians who actually rely on the temperature they feel from the weather before deciding to apply sun screen on their body. Heat and temperature alone do not cause skin cancer. Rather, it is the ultraviolet rays that is the prime cause of the dreaded skin disease. Thus, Cancer Council decided to come up with a free iPhone application that will help iPhone users to detect dangerous levels of ultraviolet rays to help combat the occurrence of skin cancer.

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