Aug 31

North Korea Updates Profile on Facebook

Category: Technology

North Korea has recently updated it new site on Facebook posting rare videos and photos regarding the life of people inside the borders of the country. The North Koreans have posted pictures of people, who are very happy having picnics, and some of their parks and places to see in the country’s capital.

 Despite the fact that most people from North Korea have no internet connection, their website has already made almost 400 friends after they have uploaded some links, photos and videos of their country which can be rarely seen.

Some of the uploaded pictures contain people who look very happy and content with their lives in North Korea as well as people wearing their traditional clothes with a variety of colors and the beautiful landmarks and landscapes of Pyongyang.

 Most of the videos posted by the North Koreans were of the former South Korea leader Kim Jong II and its wall is flooded by government statements which were “liked” by a lot of people (symbolized by a thumbs-up icon).

 The North Koreans made a site which was recently deleted by the Facebook administrators because of the sensitive issues that were contained on the page. But recently, a new site for North Korea resurfaced under the profile name “uriminzokkiri” which stands for “with us Koreans” and then later changed to “urimzok”. They also created a Twitter account wherein they post their tweets with similar contents to that of their Facebook account. Currently, their tweets have approximately 11,000 followers.     

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