Sep 30

OLED technology to help TVs to get thinner and bigger

Category: Technology

Introduction of curved TVs by Samsung, LG and others draw our attention to OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. OLED is different from traditional LED (light-emitting diode) because it uses organic substance that glows when electric current is introduced. The organic carbon-based compound emits its own light when treated with electrical current. A thin film transistors turn on and off of each pixel helping OLED to come up with thinner, lighter and higher resolution products such as TVs. The new material helps to reduce weight and thickness, and increase the size of TVs. When passes through filters it generates spectacular pictures for your viewing pleasure.

When compared to conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp LCD (liquid crystal display) which requires backlight, OLED do not require a backlight and as a result pixels becomes truly black providing a higher contrast. Since elimination of backlighting layer, OLED hardware becomes thinner and lighter. The LED (light-emitting diode) also requires backlighting which is no longer required under OLED. OLED not just helps it to become thinner, it also provides a superior color reproduction due to pixels that turn on and off producing true blacks. The OLED technology also promotes energy efficiency over LCD and LED technologies.

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