Aug 7

Picking the Right Furniture for Your Command Center

Summary: Finding the right furniture to complement your command center will help boost productivity.


Productivity is something business owners from all kinds of industries want more of. How can a company owner make changes to increase output to ultimately increase their profits? Common areas of interest include changes to operations, training employees to improve workflows, and finding new sources of revenue. There are a number of ways you can try to make your company’s products or services even better, but an oftentimes overlooked area some people may not look into is furniture.


Furniture, while perhaps not directly related to the good or service your company is provided, can have a big effect on employees’ quality of lives and overall productivity. If you have invested in an operations center to boost productivity, make sure you have the right furniture.


A Functional Layout


When shopping for furniture for your operations center, think of a layout that would work best with the high-tech tools you have purchased. If you have an operations center video wall installed somewhere in the office, an open layout that could accommodate many seats and desks for workers referencing the information on the wall would be ideal. If people in the control room will be using multiple monitors, for example, a round desk where the screens could be placed around the user would make the viewing experience more comfortable and natural.


Comfort for Extended Use


An important thing to consider when shopping for furniture for your operations center is the fact that employees could be working at their stations for hours a day. To account for this, buy furniture that supports proper ergonomics. To promote good posture and to prevent back pain, you should buy standing desks or chairs with solid back support that work with the equipment purchased at or other command center providers.

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