Sep 25

Salamworld, the other Facebook

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Facebook has nearly a billion followers worldwide. It has no boundaries. Salamworld thinks that it can create a world with certain boundaries. Headquartered in Istanbul, Salamworld want to find the next Facebook based on Muslim core values. Salamworld has been created by a group of Turkish, Russian, and Central Asian media professionals and businessmen.

Currently there are 250 million Muslim Facebook users worldwide. According to Salamworld, they are with the Facebook because there is no other alternative. Recently they released a beta version of the site and expect to launch in 17 countries by the year’s end. In addition to sharing photos and posts, they intend to provide counseling by respected imams, Islamic e-books, city guides with Islamic centers and halal restaurants, and a Muslim news network. It plans to attract 50 million users in five years after the launch. Compare this to nearly 350 million Facebook users within the first five years of launch.

The history is not on Salamworld side. The Finland based launched in 2006 shut down earlier this year due to losses. So far the London based has not gained any traction. The Muslim Brotherhood’s site launched in 2010 has been shut down.

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