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Simple Tips to Give Your Mobile Advertising a Boost

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Mobile advertising is a game of immediacy, but you can micro-target for extremely specific use cases. Data is the king of mobile. When you purchase mobile traffic from an ad exchange, you are buying from a wide array of traffic sources and networks. The data you have about your target market should inform every decision you make. You can quickly find yourself over spending to accumulate data you can’t use. Use these simple tips to give your campaigns a boost without over spending.

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Pay Attention to Details

You should know what time of day you tend to get the most conversions, and note days of the week too. Pay attention to the frequency that your ads are shown to users, and be sure that you’re not diluting your brand in pursuit of a conversion. Train yourself to notice bounce rates and to notice when your traffic or conversions start dropping off. This could be a sign that your ads need to be rotated, or your creative is getting stale.

Theorize and Test

Don’t make a change without having an end game. In the beginning, your goal is to figure out what works about your ad and how you can optimize your traffic to achieve maximum conversions. Once you understand what your audience wants to see, try something new in a different ad group. The most common place to start is with the headline, which is typically packed with benefits and keywords. An easy test to run is to add your keyword into the headline and see how it performs. The assumption is that users looking for that keyword will respond to your ad because it contains the keyword. Once you have found that users do or do not respond to keywords, you can test this theory with other keywords or move on to other campaigns.

Location Targeting

Mobile campaigns tend to be highly specific to a certain location. Sometimes, the offer is only valid at that location but more often than not it’s a question of where your target audience lives. Mobile tends to work best when it can service the user before a brick and mortar store, or when it offers a lower price than a brick and mortar store.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR, and is active in the Los Angeles startup incubator Start Engine. Ted Dhanik has used display advertising to launch brands, build leads and increase sales. Contact Ted Dhanik online when you visit engage:BDR.

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