Feb 24

SOASTA Testing Can Help You Eliminate Website Performance Problems

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Sure, you’ve got a website that serves your firm, and you’re pretty proud of it. It has the crisp, collected look that says “this business is a force to be reckoned with”. If you’re looking for weaknesses in your façade, you’d better go look elsewhere. Your website is the public face of your company, and like anyone else, you want to take good care of your face. Many people will judge the veracity of your business after glancing at your website for a mere few seconds. This will tell them all they have to know about whether or not your business is a solid one that has survived through any number of market plunges and surges.

People visiting your site will notice whether or not your site has convincing, professionally crafted graphics. Readers might not have the remotest idea of what constitutes “professional” graphics. It’s merely a sense that they will get. Depending on whether or not your website impresses those viewers, they will make a split-second decision whether or not they feel confident doing business with you. A good-looking, professionally organized site will make readers want to stick around. A hackneyed, amateurish website will make them look elsewhere for better prospects.

If your website is slow to respond to the readers’ calls for pages and links, you can pretty much write yourself out of the picture. A sluggishly performing website with links that take forever to open and slow streaming media spells “amateurs” to most who surf websites. One way you can help ensure that your website performs robustly is to employ CloudTest load testing tools. That will tell you whether or not your website is firing on all cylinders, and chances are if there is a data bottleneck somewhere in your computer network, it can cause some of your Web applications to run more slowly than they should.

It may be hard to imagine that a simple slowdown in your website’s performance will drive away customers, but remember that there are likely plenty of your competitors out there with a Web presence. And if your website is performing slowly, the user will tend to lose patience and look for alternative sites that provide the same offering that you’re providing.

CloudTest mobile app testing and SOASTA performance testing for websites will help you to assess your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and will show areas where improvements can be made. Certain difficulties, such as data bottlenecks, can prevent your website from performing at its full capacity. With a little bit of proactive testing and assessment, you’ll be able to keep your site running without hindrances that can make customers see your business in a dim light. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you test and then make improvements based on the results that you find.

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