Apr 23

Technologically advanced bendable and flexible glasses

Category: Technology

Smart surface glass such as Google Glass is in news lately and expected to make a limited release of its wearable eye glass. It is not only Google who is going to benefit from it; glass manufacturers such as Corning that makes Willow Glass can also benefit from the new technology. Corning also makes popular Gorilla Glass 3 used in Apple’s iPhone.

Introduced in June 2013, the bendable thin (0.1 millimeter) and light Willow Glass allows operations such as displays more cost-effectively. Thinness, strength and flexibility allow the glass to be used in wearable such as Google Glass. It also allows the glass to resist high temperatures. It is capable of handling liquid crystal displays (LCD) as well as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) displays making it more suitable for smartphones, laptops and tablets. Curving flexibility will allow it to be used in non-flat surfaces. Willow Glass is capable of protecting sensitive electronics parts from moisture and heat. This allows it to be rolled and potentially used in solar panels. Commercial manufacturing of Willow Glass is expected this year. It could define entirely new products such as displays that fit the curve of your wrist.

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