Jul 21

The advantages of GPS tracking

Category: Technology

While there are several tracking systems that are out there that claim to protect one from theft and loss, LoJack among others suffer a distinct disadvantage in comparison to GPS tracking. For one, with the opening of the United States military navigation systems (GPS) for the use of the general public, one has 24 satellites (normally three when running a search) at their disposal to provide accurate time and location of any asset or vehicle that is in transit.

However, another invention that has become popular with users who use GPS for personal service is Cell phone GPS tracking but most organizations that use it (as it is most economical) often end up replacing it with far more advanced GPS tracking systems in order to track their employees with greater accuracy who have no chance of tampering with the product.

When it comes to real time GPS vehicle tracking, the installation of a GPS unit and antenna will well and surely ensure that no such thing occurs, and times and locations of the vehicles in question are computed to perfection.

What could this mean for commercial purposes? This will result in employees doing their work efficiently while under constant vigilance and at another level altogether, is known to drop insurance rates by almost 35%, and which will obviously make a big difference for those in the service industry.

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