Feb 12

The Apple iPad: Why It is a Product to Remember?

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 Most experts consider the Apple iPad to be one of the best products that Apple has created. With such amazing features that leave people wanting more, Apple has acquired the reputation of a company that is known to push the limits in terms of creativity and innovation.

And perhaps, some of the features will tell you why!

For one, the 9.7 inch LED-backbit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen has an amazing picture resolution of 768 X 1024 pixels supporting almost 16 million colors. Some of the latest advances in technology such as finger/ scratch resistant oleo-phobic surface, an accelerometer for auto-rotate and a multi-touch input method will tell you why this device is state of the art.

With an internal memory of 256 MB RAM and the options for 16, 32 and 64 GB storage space along with the 1 GHz apple A4 processor that is run on iOS 4, one can only imagine how such a device will run on any given day.

However, when it comes to the software involved, not only have they tied up with several web-based companies for their products such as Google Maps, iBooks PDF Reader and Down-loadable and so on and so forth but they have also added the latest in social media applications as well.


There is no doubt that the Apple iPad has its all, and is no doubt, one of the coolest ways by which one can access the Web, Email and pretty anything related to fun stuff on a PC.

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