Mar 28

The Best (And Free) Android Apps in 2011

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 As the race for killer apps is being closely contested by Android and Apple these days, most Android users claim that there are a large number of free apps that they are able to download as a benefit that iPhone users enjoy.


Perhaps the reason why Android is achieving so much success is because there are a wide variety of apps that its users find very useful.  But best of all, they are free. Here is a list of must-have Android apps that a user in 2011 must get for his Android phone:

#1: Opera mini

If you use your phone frequently to browse the Internet, then getting this app for your phone is a must as it is simple to use and very fast.

#2: Daily Ab Workout

If you are a fitness freak who does not have much time, this app will provide you with a five-minute video that is prepared by a certified trainer.

#3: Go SMS

This app is purely for messaging related purposes.  It helps you find a contact or a group easily and allows you to send an SMS/ MMS.

#4: Zedge

This app has been designed to customize your phone with wallpapers and ringtones, and helps you download them rather easily. It is one of the most popular apps downloaded today.

#5: QuickPic

This app allows you to find your pictures on your phone easily while also allowing you to zoom in, crop, and share your photos.

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