Nov 20

The Lojack

Category: Technology

If you have ever watched a police drama on television, you have probably heard of a lojack. A lojack is a device that is installed in cars so their location can be monitored from a distance. The original lojacks required a special hand held device to be used in close proximity to actually locate the vehicle. The lojack was one of the first anti-theft devices. If your car was stolen, police could find your car because the lojack constantly sends a wireless signal out that can be detected with a few miles.

They were used until gps tracking was developed. Once gps tracking was developed, it was much easier to find a stolen car. The car did not just send out a signal for several miles, but sent its gps coordinates to a satellite in space. Every single parcel of land on the planet has unique gps coordinates. Once the gps coordinates are sent to the satellite, it is a simple process to find where those coordinates are on the planet. Once this is known, the police can retrieve the car in a timely fashion. Sometimes, vehicle tracking gps are coupled with more advanced measures. If they car is reported as stolen, the satellite can communicate with the car and instruct it to shut off.

Although vehicle tracking gps has been around for awhile now, more advanced functions are on the way. Some companies are using these coordinates to automatically drive the vehicle down any road without any human intervention. In other words, the car can drive itself

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