May 31

Three Popular Mobile App Trends for 2011

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 If there’s anything that the year 2011 make evident about mobile applications, it is that these mobile apps are developing at a rapid pace. If the previous year was about real-time alerts and push notifications, this year is about localized content and cloud content among other trends that are taking the market by storm or will be out very soon.

So here are the most popular Mobile App Trends for 2011:

#1: Photo and Video Filters

Photography has always been a popular mobile app category, and with the portability of camera phones, you can be sure that they are the most popular cameras used today. In 2010, the focus was on photo sharing apps but for 2011 it is all about the photo effects and filters that can be applied to the photos before sharing them.

Instagram, Hipstamatic and PicPlz are some of the examples of mobile apps that can bring an analogue feel to a digital photo, making it more aesthetically pleasing. Along with this, you can also get a variety of filters and color hues that can change how a photo looks.

#2: Front-facing Camera Apps

The feature of having just one camera is a thing of the past, and thanks to devices such as the Motorola Xoom or the iPad 2, several options for video and photo apps have opened up. Whether this extra camera allows one to take his photo as an avatar or for video chat support, this will lead to app developers paying attention to camera attention more closely.

#3: Access to Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Foursquare

Mobile Apps for Twitter and Facebook are considered to be common these days however with more companies using OAuth, this means that it has become easier for mobile app developers to add support for the most popular social networks.

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