Jun 20

What is a GPS tracking system?

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What one refers to, when they use the word GPS tracking is the global positioning system receiver that they use to determine the precise location of the person and vehicle while it is moving, and so, one can continuously track their location. The beauty of this system is that it uses a GPS antenna (of about 10-15 feet) to collect GPS data from specific satellites orbiting the earth which is then sent to GPS tracking company’s servers for processing in real-time.This GPS tracking system was initially developed and implemented by the United States military with the set up of the 27 Earth-orbiting satellites, and now has been opened to the public for use. Several companies now use this system that is in place to provide GPS services to organizations that are in need of such systems.

Interestingly, depending on the time taken by the GPS satellites to send signals back to earth, the GPS receiver is able to calculate its position. However, even a small clock error can result in a large error as it is multiplied into the speed of light as this is the speed at which the signals are sent to receiver. So, three of four satellites are normally used to determine the time accurately.Some of these companies also provide gps fleet tracking services for transportation companies that have an entire fleet of vehicle transporting materials and for whom, most importantly, time is money.

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