Jul 24

What is going on with Apple lately?

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Tim Cook took over the helm at Apple following the untimely death of Steve Jobs. Since that time Apple came out with a new iPhone version but seems stagnant at best. Most recently its shares are gradually heading down from its peak. So, what is going on with Apple?

Many say Apple and Steve Jobs are identified with each other even after his untimely death. So, it may be difficult for Tim Cook to get under his predecessor’s shadow. People will have get used to Apple and the way it is doing business recently.

Apple has been widely rumored to come out with a new but smaller, cheaper, and lighter iPad to compete with more popular Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire that cost $249 and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet that start at $199. These days it is hard to find a Nexus 7 in the market.

Apple iPhone sales are down lately. One reason for the sluggish stock value of Apple lately is that there are many rumors and speculation of a new iPhone version coming in this fall and people may be delaying purchase of the existing iPhones. But there are no indications from Apple about an upcoming iPhone version.

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