Apr 8

Where streaming video services and technology are heading?

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Streaming video services are becoming more and more demanding and service providers are clamoring to get your attention. Also, there are new providers who are glutting the market with new products and services. It is good news for consumers.

Currently there are established streaming video providers including Netflix, Amazon.com, YouTube from Google and several others. Additionally, there are TV bundlers including Comcast, Walt Disney, and CBS. Some of these services including Comcast, Disney and Twenty-first Century Fox are cooperating with each other to provide services such as in Hulu to provide unbundled content to customers. Hulu reportedly paid $160 million for the entire episodes (180) of “Seinfeld.” They claim that they have more than nine million subscribers. Among the new entrants to the digital video service is streaming music service provider Spotify. They are in discussion to create Web-based video hub. Reports indicate that they are interested in bite size content generated by users for the moment.

Technology to deliver digital streaming video services over the Internet is already in place or service providers are working hard to establish. 4G LTE provides faster downloads for mobile devices to watch videos and movies and video chat.

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