Jul 18

Who is wining the faster mobile data delivery speed race?

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Ads touting about nationwide mobile phone coverage and speed are dominating the print media, the Internet and the airways. The nation’s No. 1 carrier Verizon Wireless with more than 93 million subscribers and the No. 2 carrier AT&T with 71 million subscribers are no exceptions. They both have spent billions of dollars for 4G LTE, the most current system which was introduced in 2010 by both carriers. The 4G LTE is capable of delivering high-definition video in 30 seconds without dropping frames.

When it comes to speed delivering applications, Web pages, and other data, AT&T edge Verizon Wireless according to PC Magazine and RootMetrics as reported by Bloomberg Businessweek. The AT&T average wireless download speed is over 18 mbps compared to just over 15 mbps for Verizon Wireless. Sprint and T-Mobile lineup behind the two giants in distant third place in terms of delivery speed. Congestion appears to be the key element that slows delivery for Verizon Wireless which cuts down the speed by about 25 percent. In order to win the speed war, Verizon Wireless is now looking in to using unused telecommunication spectrum in a new technology known as advanced wireless services (AWS).

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