Oct 2

Why Display Marketing?

By Ted Dhanik

Display marketing has a certain ring to it. After all, it is a visual marketing tool used on various webpages. But what are the benefits to it? Is it worth the extra cost?

Yes, and current users of display marketing say so as well. Display marketing is a great way to focus a business’ marketing strategy to achieve a specific goal and to increase traffic to a website immediately.

It does this by putting ads on sites that are specific to the clientele that browse that site. A lot of research goes into the consumers in order to construct ads that will be the most likely to guide them to a company’s webpage. Many aspects are taken into consideration and compared, such as the frequency of traffic, what times of day and when during the week these clients are viewing the pages, how often they refresh or select an ad- many of these things. All of these are combined to produce a marketing product that creates an ad geared specifically at the users and consumers.

And display ads are not just utilized on webpages. Because people have so many interfaces that they use, such as a mobile device on their way to work, a computer at work, a tablet at home, and then the television, different ads are required to fit each device. So an ad shown on a phone would not be the same one shown on a webpage- and for good reason.

It is important when selecting a display marketing company to dmake sure that they offer these specified and detailed arrangements. Display marketing will work if it is researched and prepared correctly. And simply putting ads on high traffic websites will not guarantee success- the level of detail described above is what increases a company’s ROI and web traffic, not flat and unprepared visibility.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik and his company offer high-performance marketing solutions in display advertising. Ted Dhanik offers his insights on display advertising in his professional blogs.

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