The Best Way to Track a Fleet

February 19th, 2012 | Category: Technology

If you are looking for the best way to track a fleet of vehicles, consider products from It can be difficult to find the best possible fleet management options, but GPSTrackit provides a wide variety of products that can be combined in the most advantageous way to help your business. GPSTrackit’s fleet management products include perishable asset protection and trailer and heavy equipment tracking, as well as vehicle and fleet tracking systems. GPSTrackit’s systems use global positioning system technology to track the locations of your vehicles so you always know where they are.

GPSTrackit’s most popular technologies include promiles, which is available as an easy upgrade to traditional technology. This product allows business owners to track the miles that their drivers accrue, making mileage tracking for taxes simple and easy. The ProMiles system does not require business owners to replace hardware or install specialized equipment, but it allows them to have complete records in case of a state or federal tax audit while still reducing the amount of paperwork involved.

Business owners looking for the most efficient and technologically advanced fleet management tools should consider a gps tracking system from GPS tracking systems can help with management of commercial fleets of all sizes. GPSTrackit also assists business owners with handy tools like dashboard monitoring, ready reports, and real-time tracking and communications, allowing them to reduce fuel, maintenance, and labor costs. Consider a GPS tracking system when you need to reduce your fleet costs.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

October 23rd, 2011 | Category: Technology

Are you interested in getting some results from your employees without having to stand there and stare over their shoulders?  Especially valuable in circumstances where you are not able to watch your employees yourself, such as truck driving, or other vehicle driving.  If you are the manager of around several hundred truck drivers, and are looking for a way to make sure that each of them makes his or her deadline, then you either need to go on faith, or take the leap into the twenty first century and get something that will make your life one hundred percent simpler.  Get vehicle tracking.  No companies in the twenty first century should be without a satellite tracking system; it’s like shipping something with insurance and proof of delivery, which are definitely things that no company should go without. 


If you are managing drivers, then a vehicle tracking gps system is something that will make your life infinitely easier.  You can manage all of your drivers and ensure that they are on track and delivering things as scheduled from the comfort of your own desk.  You can even hire someone else to read and interpret the data for you if you are interested in managing other aspects of your business more closely.  There are so many benefits of having a tracking system in place in your business that you need to look into getting one immediately if you don’t already have one. 

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Benefits of a Vehicle Tracking GPS

August 20th, 2011 | Category: Technology

Everybody’s had that experience of getting lost. Riding around in the car, digging for the map in the glove box or backseat, tensions rising; none of these experiences are pleasant, though they make people laugh and are entertaining when looking back on the situation. GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, has been many people’s saving grace ever since it was invented and released to the public. A vehicle tracking GPS provides directions to virtually anywhere that one knows the address to. It can get someone to the nearest gas station; find that house that is for sale, or just basic directions when travelling across town, state, or even the country. Need to keep track of the reckless teenager that just got a car? Vehicle tracking can help you. Not just good for directions, GPS can also help needy parents or law enforcement be informed of where a certain vehicle is located at all times.

As if this isn’t enough for society to get used to and take advantage of, cell phone GPS tracking is now available also in the newest mobile devices that are out. People can be anywhere with service, and have the benefits and security of GPS in the palm of their hand. Like GPS in a motorized vehicle, it provides basic directions and also allows one to be tracked, or at least if they have their phone with them. So kiss all those road trips where you missed the turn and have delays goodbye; and say hello to GPS!

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What is a GPS tracking system?

June 20th, 2010 | Category: Technology

What one refers to, when they use the word GPS tracking is the global positioning system receiver that they use to determine the precise location of the person and vehicle while it is moving, and so, one can continuously track their location. The beauty of this system is that it uses a GPS antenna (of about 10-15 feet) to collect GPS data from specific satellites orbiting the earth which is then sent to GPS tracking company’s servers for processing in real-time.This GPS tracking system was initially developed and implemented by the United States military with the set up of the 27 Earth-orbiting satellites, and now has been opened to the public for use. Several companies now use this system that is in place to provide GPS services to organizations that are in need of such systems.

Interestingly, depending on the time taken by the GPS satellites to send signals back to earth, the GPS receiver is able to calculate its position. However, even a small clock error can result in a large error as it is multiplied into the speed of light as this is the speed at which the signals are sent to receiver. So, three of four satellites are normally used to determine the time accurately.Some of these companies also provide gps fleet tracking services for transportation companies that have an entire fleet of vehicle transporting materials and for whom, most importantly, time is money.

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GPS Devices for Transportation Industry

May 28th, 2010 | Category: Technology

Transportation firms have come to depend on GPS tracking system solutions for quality customer service and fleet efficiency. In order to satisfy your clientele and provide quality products and services, we recommend the latest GPS tracking hardware such as the Locator 2000 Trailer. The following is an inside peak at this innovative product available through Global Tracking Communications, Inc.

Specifically engineered to monitor tractor trailers and heavy equipment, the L2000 Trailer reports tracking information from trailers (tethered or un-tethered) and heavy equipment. When set to offer 15-minute updates without outside power sources, the fleet GPS tracking system can track for 30 days. However, when updates are extended to longer periods of time, battery life may extend to several months. Managers and other users receive location reports, history logs, trail routes and other reporting options.

If you’re interested in maximizing your sales and reducing your losses, this cell phone GPS tracking system can help you achieve your goals. By monitoring your fleet resources daily, you will protect your investments and guarantee accurate pick-up and delivery times.

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